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    Holding consists of a family business specializing in the textile sector of the economy and export leather production.

    Grupo Empresarial Pineda

    GEP Is the result of many years of effort of an enterprising family, fully committed to the Colombian economy, which collecting the experience of Carlos Pineda, plus the vitality and knowledge of their children, together have worked to consolidate the best quality (export-class) for leather products, in a highly competitive market.
    The GEP is comprised by a holding owned-family business specializing in the textile industry and export-class leather production.
    GEP is well-.known for the high quality and innovation in its products. As well as GEP is committed to the industrial development of Colombia, making use of Corporative Social Responsibility policies that contribute to the environment and the improvement of the quality of life of its employees.
    The quality of each product of our brand is the result of: the best human resources involved in each work and the use of 100% Colombian raw materials (country’s best leather naturals) treated with the more innovative techniques to ensure a long useful life (durability).

    Our mission

    Pineda Business Group (“GEP”) is a manufacturer of new alternatives in the leather industry. We innovate in design, guarantee quality and the best prices in order to exceed the expectations of our customer.

    Our difference is our highly competitive capacity and our lead position in the Colombian market, achieved thanks to the accomplishment of our value proposition.

    Our GEP 2017 vision

    GEP will be recognized in the Colombian market for its incomparable quality and innovation in each product, achieved to be one of the best well-positioned companies in the leather industry in Colombia.


    GEP’s shareholders and board of directors have a commitment with the Country, actively and voluntarily contributing to the social, economic and environmental improvement. For that reason, GEP has adopted a reinvesting profits policy related to the growing of corporative forests.
    We have found that planting trees gives air to the world that re-energizes as well as the respect pact with the nature, we has opened a complete new business line “corporative forests” promoting beneficial practices to the environment within we operate.
    We present to all interested parties an invitation to contact us if you wish to know more about our CSR policy and to be our partner in this innovative practice

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    On behalf of all areas of our organization, we invite you to contact us and let us know your questions, concerns or suggestions. Below is a contact form, which will route your request to the area indicated. We appreciate your interest in our company.

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    +57 (4) 334 26 32

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